An exclusive incubator & launchpad for not-normal youth.

Our Mission:

Our mission is unique.  NTNRML exists to connect talent & energy with experience, capital, and wisdom to give young people a completely new roadmap to success. 

We are here to help young people reach escape velocity and launch into adulthood with confidence, skills, and the network to thrive.

Are You One Of Us?

The misfits. 

The rebels.

The ones that can't stand in line. 

The dreamers. 

The doers. 

The creative geniuses. 

The entrepreneurs. 

The ones poking the universe. 

The ones creating the world. 

The most interesting and inspiring group of people you'll ever come across.


“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

-Mark Twain.

We Do Things Different

The landscape has changed--the old maps are now obsolete.

Normal paths to success like college degrees are no longer guarantees of success.

Even worse, they may take you down dead-end paths and drop you off in adulthood completely unprepared for life. 

You must decide to chart your own course and create your own map.

We live in times of massive change and opportunity, but we need new tools, skills, and networks to help us capture those opportunities. 

When you take the less traveled road, you quickly become the most interesting person in the room.

-Ben Richardson

What You'll Get In The NTNRML Network

The right network is the most important asset you can have to successfully navigate change, capture opportunities, and thrive in the next few years.
  • A Community

    • You will no longer feel alone. 
    • Connect with young, like-minded, entrepreneurs around the world getting educated, starting businesses, and having adventures. 
    • A vibrant community of young people and experienced mentors who inspire and help each other navigate the rapidly changing world.
  • A Not-Normal Education

    • Discover how the world actually works and unlearn the middle-class advice that keeps you stuck. 
    • How to start a business.
    • How to think like an investor.
    • How to get an education rather than a degree.
    • How to apply little-known, yet powerful principles of success.
    • How to create a real brand.
    • Books to read as an essential foundation of your thinking.
    • How to think critically and logically.
    • How to set up your days and life for success.
    • How to use technology to serve you.
  • A Global Network Of Doers

    • Get a global network of experienced mentors dedicated to helping the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders.
  • An Accelerator

    • Rapidly gain valuable insights and advice from others sharing similar experiences at the same time.
  • A Mastermind

    • Access to high-value skillsets and mindsets that inspire personal and professional growth.
    • Develop skills in real-time with others starting quests at the same time as you.
    • Get to see what is working now and apply it immediately to your situation.
  • A Home

    • It's true, that our community, courses, and memberships are unique. 
    • What is most unique is that you will feel like you have found a home.
  • Mentorship & Apprenticeships

    • Our experienced mentors are always looking to give promising young people real-world apprenticeship opportunities.  
    • Of course, you'll have to qualify, but if you are thinking of joining NTNRML, you are well on your way.
  • Business Incubator Pods & Launchpad

    • If you have business aspirations and are ready to leap, our members and mentors are here to help you launch your company. 
    • We are here to help you set up your strategy properly, help you avoid pitfalls, support your logistically, and potentially provide investment, if necessary.  
    • You will have others traveling the same path at the same time so your success rate and speed of learning will be much higher than the "normal" Joe out there.
    • The Incubator and Launchpad may be the most exciting part of the NTNRML network for some members. 

You're Invited:  Aspiring Inventors, Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Creators

When you join NTNRML Network today, you’ll get immediate access to a group of other Not-Normals like you--the people who will move the world. 

You will also enjoy:

  • Immediate Access To Our Collaborative Mastermind Sessions: Engage in group discussions with fellow not-normal entrepreneurs, where members share their business challenges, experiences, and solutions. These sessions help foster creativity, drive innovation, and encourage growth among participants.
  • Insights from the Trenches Video Series: Watch exclusive video content featuring successful NTNRML entrepreneurs as they speak about their unique journeys and business strategies. The series is designed to inspire you with practical advice and real-world experiences.
  • Networking Events: Participate in specially curated events, either virtual or in-person, to meet and establish connections with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Networking allows you to expand your business's horizons, collaborate on new projects, and tap into collective wisdom.

Is This You?

Our purpose for forming the group is to help amazing, interesting, and multi-faceted people like yourself find your voice, find your tribe, and become the best version of yourself with support from peers, mentors, and other NTNRML people from around the world.  

So bring your uniqueness.

Bring your gifts.

Bring your open mind.

Bring your generosity.

You will find acceptance, appreciation, and growth.

Welcome to the club. 

Ready To Get Started?

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Welcome to the world of NTNRML.  See you on the inside!

About Our Founder:

Ben Richardson is married with four kids all coming of age in the next ten years. Always a visionary and able to see over the horizon, he saw the need to create an unconventional education program for young people. 

What lies ahead is exciting, but it looks nothing like the past few decades. No one person in a thousand sees this coming. 

It's important to prepare these young people for the world they are going into not the world we came from. 

So Ben created NTNRML--a unique and inspiring path to adulthood for young people (including his own). 

NTNRM is both a mastermind for the mentors, and an incubator, accelerator, and launchpad for the young people just starting their businesses, relationships, and lives.

Some little-known facts about Ben:
  • Ben once snuck into Vietnam without a Visa. Shhhh...
  • He has ridden the equivalent of around the world 2x on his bicycle.
  • Ben has designed and produced many original products and obtained utility patents for several of them in the USA, CAN, and the EU.  
  • His products have been featured in media around the world including the Ellen Degeneres Show, the Today Show, the Rachel Ray Show, etc. 
  • His work even landed him on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine. 
  • His products have been sold in thousands of independent retail and chain stores in the USA including Target, Walmart, Costco, Amazon, Best Buy, etc. They have also been sold in 26 other countries around the world. 
  • His products are loved by over one million individual customers...and still counting.
  • Lives in Puerto Rico with his family. 
  • Homeschools his four kids. 
  • Is a very novice wing-foiler.
  • Is an accomplished inventor, investor, and entrepreneur proving dreams really can come true. 
  • Always wanted to start an organization for young people that would actually teach how to live free as asset owners and value creators rather than workers and slaves and unlike anything ever created.

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